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What Is Outside The Scope Of What I Offer

I am only able to provide therapy services to people who are within the state of Florida since this is the state where I have my psychology license.

I do not work with individuals under age 18.

I do not conduct formal in-depth psychological evaluations in order to determine diagnosis for learning disabilities, mental health disabilities, or need for accommodations.

I was fortunate to receive some extensive training in assessment during my doctoral program and this has instilled in me a respect for the specialty of formal psychological assessment. In-depth assessments can often require the use of multiple formal assessment measures in order to gain clear diagnostic clarity. For that, I defer to the mental health professionals who identify this as being one of their main scopes of practice.

If your concerns are severe, you might need a counselor who is part of an agency that has the ability for the staff to be reached throughout the day and where the therapist has the availability to meet more than once per week on occasion for emergencies. Due to my practice being very part-time right now, I would not be able to provide that.

If you are struggling with an addiction and not yet in the stage of recovery, this is also outside of the scope of my therapy practice.

My apologies for these limitations. In my history having worked as a trainee in many agencies, I really value the team approach, the structure, and the niche specializations that many agencies and specialists offer.